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Brush stroke preview should reflect size and flow dynamics

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Right now, brush stroke previews don't seem to update with added dynamic size or dynamic flow (only with jitter, for some reason, and the jitter looks very smooth).

In Photoshop, the stroke preview tapers at the edges with dynamic size, and fades to transparent at the edges with dynamic flow.

From a usability standpoint, right now it's difficult to see what effect your changes to these dynamics have, and a brush with dynamic flow is indistinguishable in the list from a brush without it, making it also difficult to select.

EDIT: I now notice that you can set "jitter" to 100% and still get smooth strokes. That means that "jitter" isn't "randomize", but rather "strength". This is very confusing, so if this is correct, please rename "jitter" to "strength".

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