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Minor success: Publisher and form fields

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Maybe someone found out already how to make text form fields from a Publisher PDF? If yes, a moderator should delete this topic. It is possible to make text form fields out of an PDF, but I fear this is not a solution for all resp. I could not test with other software. My installed standard PDF reader is Acrobat X Pro. Attention: Only text fields can be created. So here are the steps to make a "form".

1. Use tables. Works with a single cell (see image) and works with multiple cells. Works not if the cells are not separated with borders - see image. Works not, if the column has not header with text in it.

2. Export to PDF.

3. Open the PDF with Acrobat Pro. Go to tools -> forms -> create and let Acrobat do the rest.

Voila. A PDF with form fields. Saved my life yesterday, creating hundreds of textfields in a PDF is no joy. ;)


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