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Unnecessary Window Translucency in "FFT Denoise" Window

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The window for FFT Denoise is slightly transparent/translucent (even the part where the spectrum is displayed). If one has some high-contrast image loaded in Photo and it's displayed below the window the visual result in the spectrum is noticeably altered (image shows through) and therefore can lead to wrong/ unwanted choices when painting the mask (I might try to "mask out" some frequencies from the spectrum that are actually just elements from the image showing through the window from below).


Please make the window opaque, or at least make sure the spectrum is opaquely displayed. :)


(Mac OS X)

3D and 2D hobby(art)ist. You can follow me on Twitter: @binaryriot or Instagram: binaryriot

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Hey tokai,

I've never really noticed this before but you are right—especially with a high contrast image like you said. I'll pass this to the developers for you. Thanks! 

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