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Recolor is ignored in Export (Designer)

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I have a number of shapes which I have duplicated, and used the recolor effect to change the second copy. 

image.png.22d77f7de3033b81909d523d88e43db8.png  image.png.61a922d9c6bba1b1bb654692f5304aa8.png

When I export using the Export Persona, with slices (each slice is a shape and some text), the recolor is not applied. It is still the original colour.

I have recolored the group, so that all shapes inherit the same new colouring. Although there is a merge button, this does not do anything.

I have now moved the recolor to every subgroup of shapes, and the colour has now changed. But as a result, the export dimensions change. Whereas the non-recolored slices export within a box around just the shape, the recolor pushes the boundaries out to the full page (1920x1080). It seems like recolor creates an non-visible composite across the full page to cause the redimensioning. 

Am I doing something wrong, or have I found a bug or two?

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Hi batvink,

Can you attach a sample file for this?

I've tried replicating the issue but my recolour adjustment is exporting fine and the slice is the same size.  I suspect i'm missing something in my test document and layer setup.  Also where are you seeing a Merge button?  Just i'm not aware (and happy to be proved wrong) of a merge option within Designer.

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@stokerg, thanks for taking a look. For reference I am using

In the attached file, the right-hand purple group is the recoloured one. In case you are getting different results, I have a screenshot here to illustrate. I have added the recolor effect to Top, Right and Middle. Left and Bottom are not recolored. If you look at the thumbnails, you can already see the issue with the bounding box, the images are tiny for the recolored elements.

There is also a recolor at the higher level, which is a remnant of the original issue, where the recoloring did not apply in the export. It is harder to see this in the export now, because I have applied a new gradient color to every shape individually, so that I can continue working. You could reset the base colours of the shapes if you wanted to see this in action.


Finally, here is the merge button in the recolor panel, maybe it is something that works in Photo but should be hidden in Designer?



Product Build with recolor.afdesign

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6 hours ago, batvink said:

In the attached file, the right-hand purple group is the recoloured one.

Are you sure you uploaded the right file? In the attached one both the 'item' & 'resource' groups each have a recolor adjustment, but in both they are hidden, so they have no effect.

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