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Copy-Paste to other apps?

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You can open AD files on AP and viceversa, to copy paste on another program what I do is select the object, go to the export dialog and tap the share option and then copy, that way I can paste as png anywhere, and don’t forget to select “selection without background”


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I've altered a Bodoni Ornaments font character in Affinity Photo that I've converted to Curves ( after typing the character, selecting the Rectangle tool and tapping on the Curves option in the contextual palette at the bottom of the screen and then using the Pen > Node tool to adjust the points ) and integrated it into my project.  

I'd like to take advantage of the vector features in Affinity Designer and adjust it further as a vector object, then reintegrate the results into my Affinity Photo project. So I tried selecting this Affinity Photo object in numerous states ( as both points and actively-selected points in the Node tool and just as an object with the Move tool ) and then copying it into the iPad's clipboard, but Designer's clipboard won't acknowledge any copied object being actively present in it's Copy/Paste dialog menu. 

Of course, I could save my Photo work as a transparent .png file, import it into Designer and THEN create and alter the converted font character there—and, yes, being able to use that same Photo file in Designer for sizing and positioning my font character is helpful—but now I've lost access to my Photo object layers, as they've been flattened in Designer. The prospect of effecting continual changes—making visible and flattening only the layers of my Photo file that lay beneath the font ( which don't allow for seeing in real time how it now looks with the layer objects being visible above…NOR being able to further edit my reimported font directly in Photo anymore) AND more-than-likely having to save-and-import/export my file repeatedly in trying out various possible looks during that stage of my creative development process—veritably drains a fair measure of creative fun. 

At minimum, not being able to import and export objects between Affinity iPad apps inefficiently lengthens the amount of time it takes to render a result that finally meets my creative sensibilities. Most importantly, these limitations overall effectively throttle both my creative energy and process. It would seem developing something akin to Affinity's desktop StudioLink for its iPad apps should be considered a priority feature that could and should be implemented first, rather than waiting until Affinity Publisher also becomes available on iOS.

In addition, being able to import both gradient & color swatch palettes ( especially a color-labeled palette for color-blind and limited color-challenged users ) AND a four-arrowed directional, pixal-length-configurable NUDGE graphic icon, alongside an X & Y dialogue fields display—within a contextual palette that appears at the bottom of the screen whenever using the Move Tool—round out, in my long-time Affinity user experience ( the "newbie" refers to my posts ), as three of the most valuable and useful features that really could and should be added to Affinity Photo for iPad in it's very next update.

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