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Spell check and Copy/Paste

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If you write any text directly into Publisher or import a Word document then the auto spell check works as expected. Any underlined word can be added to the personal dictionary.

Copy from a Word Document (or Notepad) and pasted into a Text Frame - no problem either.

However, if I copy and paste text from PagePlus X9 the auto spell check identifies words not in the dictionary but the words cannot be added into the personal dictionary. If the words are typed into a fresh publisher document and spellchecked then they can be added but cannot be unlearned from the first document. From that point on the spell check won't allow the addition of any new words into the dictionary.

I've attached a sample publisher file that demonstrates what I mean. And this screenshot from the History panel shows that the highlighted word isn't being read. there shouldn't be any reason why this happens when copying and pasting text or why it only seems to occur with PagePlus text.


Test Document.afpub

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I've now discovered that Placing an MS Word .DOCX file into publisher Text frames results in the same problem. I noticed it when going back through the pages trying to correct some red underlined words.  To test it I created a new document and placed the DOCX file into the frames. I even added in a couple of words that weren't in publisher dictionary and attempted to get publisher to "Learn" them. The result was exactly as in my previous post.

The text frames were created in a Master page - if that helps. This is a bit of a deal breaker unless its something I'm doing wrong in which case someone please tell me what I've idiotically done wrong.

Extra - Learn doesn't work at all on pages in Text Frames created on Master Pages - Major bug in my view.

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The issue with not being able to learn words from a frame on a master page should be addressed in the next beta (subject to testing).

Thanks for ensuring it got reported

Serif Europe Ltd. - www.serif.com

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