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Hello everyone,
I have created a new image as I very slowly get accustomed to Affinity Designer.  The program is amazing, one day I hope to know my way around all the fine features. This post is full color, I created a signature glyph I can edit date in, and here it is.  Here is a link to a video during one of the drawing sessions, fun stuff - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hyHdooA6iIE 

I am trying to now begin a way to earn money from my art, I love this Affinity Designer.  On my Artstation Page I will sell prints and canvases.

Print 12 x 18  - https://www.artstation.com/prints/art_print/BK6R/the-reveal 
Canvas 12 x 18 - https://www.artstation.com/prints/canvas/BK6R/the-reveal 

Thanks for any support.


The Reveal by Doz 7 12 2019 at 150 ls to post on Affinity Forum.jpg

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I added links to canvas and print.

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Hello, actually it is titled "The Reveal", funny how it seems like I am revealing it.  The central entity is opening up to reveal its inner workings, then it borrows the two legs in the foreground - the large robotic machine and organic legs and feet, plus the closest bent arms on both sides in an optical illusion to be a full figure.  I dig the multiverse theories and science fiction so this is founded in a bizarre creation of makers unknown.  As far as the hours, man I am guessing like 30, one of the discoveries early on occurred in one of the infinite stages where I cloned and flipped and turned down the opacity to find the overlap and turn it into the central figure. I have about 20 .jpgs and stages I manipulated.  I love the brush sets in here and have made a zillion bundles learning - Affinity Designer is powerful.  Some final tweaks were done in Photoshop, like thin lines to define boundaries.  The more familiar I get with Affinity Designer the more my imagination will go bonkers. Thank you for your interest.  I hope the long answer helps and is not too long of an answer.

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