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Can Affinity Photo dethrone Photoshop?

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On 7/13/2019 at 7:13 PM, Multi4G said:

Sure, Photoshop and Affinity Photo is two very different graphic software, but, for me the trio iPad Mac & Windows intregated fileformat loading/saving thru iCloud Drive is a very good selling point...

And, I wants to own my software!

If we look over a two year period Adobe Photoshop cost at least 500$ and Affinity Photo cost 50$, way big difference!!

I think that at least one million more subscribers to Photoshop will leave for Affinity the coming month!

And, how many will leave the subscription of Indesign when Serif have completed the most wanted features in Affinity Publisher?

Intresting future to come! For me Affinity Suite is the best that have happened the last couple of years...


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