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I just bought Affinity Designer - congratulations with the award, and thank you for making a great product at a reasonable price.


Post-purchase, the price got me thinking, though: Am I buying a product with a very short lifespan here? Is Serif going to release and charge for a new version in a few months time?


I appreciate that no one is probably interested in posting the details about their business model here, but could anyone divulge a few hints about where AD version 1 is headed or offer a very coarse roadmap ahead?

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Hi rubjo,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

No, i wouldn't say it will have a very short lifespan. There will be paid upgrades in the future, but there's also a lot coming during the next months as free updates.

You can check our roadmap for yourself. You may also find some answers in our FAQ.


Affinity Designer is just the first of a suite of three applications, so we are here for the long term.

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The bosses have mentioned free updates for 2 years or thereabouts (from launch). It seems a good amount of time to ensure value for money and of course amazing apps.

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I've got a question regarding the updates.


As far as I know the App Store does not support payed updates?

So is everybody going to have to buy the complete new version?


Or is there a way for payed updates which I haven't discovered yet?



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