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Laso Freehand selection Tool and others

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1) Please add shortcuts to Add and Substract (Alt and Ctrl or something) cause the Right click is not working with my Wacom.

2) Please add scrolling through types of selection (geometric and magnetic lasso) with Shift to be the same as with Brush etc

3)  make Lasso a separate Tool from the Geometric shapes type of selection. It is super confusing not to be able to scroll through it.

4) Put Magic selection and Magic selection Brush under one icon folder like Brush

5) Put Gradient and Fill under one icon folder

6) Put Smudge under Brush tool icon folder as well if it uses the same shortcut.

7) Delete that Pixel Tool or make it part of the Brush, or assign a different shortcut to it, please.
Also more in line with other softwares.

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Hey, Ill try to continue your thread with a question: 

Is there any way I may pan view while I am trying to select with Freehand selection tool? When the selection is larger and I need to be precise, things need to be zoomed. But the spacebar shortcut works only when I finish selecting. Which results into a need of adding multiple selections instead of one. 


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