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Not detecting Wacom pen Right-click

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The right click and operations using it (f.e right click+drag with Laso tool) doesnt work. Doesnt even recognize the press ( it should change the cursor icon).

With mouse works completely fine.

Using Wacom Cintiq 16, disabled Windows Ink, Affinity Photo


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 I am using  Affinity Photo on Win 7 Pro x64, with an older Wacom CTE-450 Bambo Fun. The Wacom drivers are the latest available for the device, but at this point are also relatively old.

Occasionally my Windows install boots with a dialog "The tablet driver is not running". When this happens left click still works, but I have to reboot to get the full function.

Lately , I have also had some issue with updates  for the Chrome web browser debilitating the Wacom right click function. Windows 7 doesn't have Windows Ink so I can not utilize the popularly recommended turn it off fix. After a couple weeks of hoping for an update to the updates, I gave up on this and switched web browsers.

I have one particular VST plugin, which I use in audio applications, that doesn't recognize my Wacom tablet, but that plugin is developed by a Mac developer who offers poor service so he has not fixed the issue. All the other software products written and sold by that vendor do work with my Wacom tablet so I am sure that the one product he sells that does not work could work if he cared to make it so.

All of my other applications seem to still work fine with my tablet, but I anticipate more issues coming up because Win 7 and the Wacom drivers are so dated by computer time standards, so I was curious to see if can replicate the issue you have.

On my system the right click function of my tablet pen works 100% ok in Affinity Photo.

I hope this is helpful in some way.


Thank you!


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