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I've seen other threads on this topic but my issue is a bit weirder: the first page of the exported as PDF reads fine, second one is blurry (see attached).

This happened with the save for web option on a Mac.

I've attached the options as well.

It's the same document, same fonts same everything. It doesn't do that when I use the "flattened" option...


Is there a definitive guide on how to export PDFs?

For example, what are the best presets to send proofs to clients or to send for print?

When should you use flattened vs web... isn't web flattened? 

I'm nor sure how to deal with font embed, either. Font as curves seems the safest bet but are they good when you send to print?


Thanks a lot

Screenshot 2019-07-12 14.42.02.png

Screenshot 2019-07-12 14.47.25.png

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Hi happy.burrito,

Could you attach the .afpub file for this (or afdesign/photo).  I suspect something is rasterizing the text and causing this but without seeing the working file, it's hard to say.

As for which format is best when it comes to PDF, i'd always suggest check this with your Print shop, as they may have a certain format that works best for them.  This article has some great general advice on creating work for print :)  


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