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Apple Design Award for Affinity Designer

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I had shied away from using Affinity Designer for any serious work basically because, as much as I'm not a fan of it, I am still more familiar with Illustrator CS6. However having familiarised myself with where most things are (that dreaded learning curve), I have come to the conclusion that this is at least as good as Illustrator CS6. In fact, other than the variable line thickness tool being slightly easier to manipulate in illustrator, I can't see where your App is behind compared to Illustrator. (as far as day to day use is concerned).


This is a serious piece of software, and I'm going to revisit Photo to see if I can learn my way up that curve too.


I seriously can't see why I'd need to go back to Illustrator. This App is now a permanent fixture in our Companies pipeline.

Slightly late with the Congratulations, but... Congratulations :) .... !!!  You are the new Adobe as far as I'm concerned :)

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