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Develop screen comes up so over-exposed as to be unusable

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I am shooting a Sony 7iii capturing raw & jpeg. When I upgraded to 1.7 the problem started. I initially thought that something went wrong with the camera but extensive testing proves the problem is in the program. 

When I load a raw file into the program the initial screen comes up so dark as to be unusable. The picture can be manipulated to look like the camera produced jpeg by lowering the exposure to -0.7 or -1.0, lowering the black point to -10%, and lowering the Briteness to -25%. Upon doing this and then developing the image, the result is grossly affected by the black point and Briteness settings. If on the other hand, I only adjust the the exposure down, the file develops to a reasonable facsimile of the camera produced jpeg. If I make no adjustments and develop the photo as is, I get a result that is usable (with subsequent manipulations). In effect, the develop module is useless in its present state. Since most of my working adjustments are usually in the develop module, the program has become almost useless to me.

Files that worked well before the update as well as new photos all react the same way. The submitted file was an under exposed file I shot as a test when I first got the Sony A7iii. It developed up nicely on the older version of Affinity Photo. Now I cannot acceptably develop anything.



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I know it's not a perfect answer to your question but click on this video url at the selected time 14:14 (..and if you get a chance watch the whole video for all the techniques)


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