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Layer selected - adjustment layer goes above?

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Probably me doing something silly here (it usually is!!) but I'm having a little problem with adjustment layers in that if I have a layer selected (say a cutout person) and I want to add an adjustment layer to just that person then when I add let's say a curves adjustment layer then it always gets added above the person layer so it then affects the whole image. I can drag it down on to the person layer no problem but just thought that if I had the person layer selected then it should add that adjustment onto just that layer thus clipping it to the layer? Clipping is possibly the wrong terminology here but have come from using Photoshop for many years so still learning all the AP terms.

Basically is it therefore possible to add an adjustment layer to a selected layer upon creation of the adjustment or do we have to drag it down to where we want it every time?

Many thanks in advance for any help with this.

Best wishes,



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