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Stroke/Properties/Brush-Window (pt and px equality)

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if i change the stroke width under proberties, the brush window opens and will change pt in px degree so this works not.


- why the brush window?

- why here px and there pt?

- how i can change all to px or pt?


is it a bug or just ignorance :rolleyes:


JING-Animation: http://screencast.com/t/J0buu6Tl



- how i can handle 2 curve-handles (end of the vid) when i smooth a Node? I want to mirrored change the curve-crescend


Thanks a lot

You remember me? i think will buy the designer too...it is better then inkscape !!! :ph34r:


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i can replicate your issue - I will log this with the developers.


To change from PT to PX in the Stroke Panel, go to Preferences... > User Interface and unselect Show Lines in Points. Then set your document to PX by going to Document Setup... and change Document Units to Pixels.

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