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Publisher- moving book from Mac Pages to Publisher

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I have a 500-page textbook created in Mac Pages that I want to move into Publisher. It has lots of images (numbered figures) so the formatting must remain intact. The reason for moving out of Pages are numerous but the lack of a solid tool for this size document is the largest driving factor. Images have a way of just jumping pages randomly. I will miss the ePub export ability with Publisher and hopefully, it will be added soon

My export functions are the question. What format should I export from Pages that will give me the easiest transition into Publisher? I have tried PDF which is not really a bad experience. Paragraphs are broken into text boxes that hold their text formatting/flow around them but they do not contain the attributes to flow the text if I move the images. I have to link each text box to the next so the text understands to flow when changes are made. That will be a HUGE task for this book, going page-by-page linking the text boxes. If I move an image, then I need to adjust the text box to create the text flow. Lots! of fiddley stuff. Some to be expected.

So, move it in via PDF (word, RTF), or just start the massive copy-n-paste ordeal essentially starting over once the layout master pages are created?

Thoughts and guidance are appreciated. I know this won't be painless but I am hoping for less-painful.


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I exported from Pages to a .docx format. Publisher won't even recognize the format. Grayed out the file when trying to Open. I sort of expected Publisher to have an Import menu selection. The user manual hints at docx but takes you through PDF. So that tells me that that part of the program is 'in development'... so to speak.

I opened the docx in OpenOffice then used the 'copy and paste' method mentioned in the Publisher manual... That's a bust. I tested 10 pages. Created 10 blank pages in Publisher and pasted. It pasted the first page with no ability to link text boxes to the other pages. Which one would think would not have to be done. It should just paste what's in the clipboard and fill the pages. Methinks there's some work to be done under the hood in Publisher. Monumental undertaking to create such a tool, but some time should be spent on tools to get stuff into and out of the program in common formats. 



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