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Measuring a path and other measurement tools and guides

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Hi Team,

I also use AD to draft clothing patterns and other work where measurement is of supreme importance and work has to be precise. Features that will help with this are missing in AD. I'm sure you are adding and will keep adding features;  I would realllllly appreciate it if you could bring these features to AD soon. I'm dependent on it to use them for my work and it's absolutely necessary.

Following are some scenarios and features that I think will help;

1) Using pen tool, when I click a point and move my mouse/cursor etc, I want to know the measurement of how far I'm going; so I'll know when to stop and click my next point.  Similar to how some of the dynamic guides work.

2) When I select a series of nodes on a path, I want to know the length of that curve or line.

Without these two, for me it's not efficient to work in AD and is too time consuming to get the results I want..Hope to see these in AD updates soon..Thank you very much!

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Yes, yes, yes. This sounds like scaled drawing. My Serif Draw Plus program was/is so good doing this. Hard to understand how the souped up Affinity (Apple Ware, “We are the artists.) doesn’t have this feature. 

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To me this does not look like scaled drawing. Since any drawing is created with an associated measurement unit (centimetres, inches, pixels, etc) the feature @SpongeBob asked for should show those distances in the same unit used by the document (although I believe pixels in curves and diagonal lines would be an aproximation; maybe this feature could even be suppressed when using this unit).

But yes, this would be nice to have when freehand drawing. I would go even further and do something similar when moving objects and nodes (I think knowing where it was and the distance it is from its origin could do wonders).

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