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After relocation of project to another folder/another PC, I had to replace all source files one by one. It would be nice if the path could be relative/absolute and after find one source in new location, the rest will be updated automatically.

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I agree and was going to suggest the same thing when I found this post.

I'd like an option to allow you to select absolute or relative paths to images, etc.
Maybe for an image this could be done "intelligently" so if you use a resource on a network folder the path would be absolute, but for a local resource it would be relative?

Or perhaps be able specify a folder ( or folders ) in the document setup for resource locations.
I have sub-folders for different sections of of publications and sub-folders within those so images for any particular job will be spread across several folders.
Some, like advertisements, will get used in several different jobs, others just once in a single article.


This sort of ties in with having an option to "package" a publication with its resources for passing to a third party?

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One workaround, for now: After you've moved the files, open the Publisher document that uses them. You'll get a popup about missing resources, asking if you want to locate them.

Click Yes (not Resource Manager). You will get a Finder or File Explorer window with one of the files named in it. Navigate to the new location containing that file and click Open.

Publisher will find all the missing files that are in the same folder.

-- Walt

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