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I think maybe someone should look at my very large document. I have noticed, since the final version of AFPUB (and not before), that there is a huge delay in opening the document and getting it ready to actually edit. First there is just the loading percentage - that takes about 2-3 minutes or so. Then, if I try to open the Resource Manager right after the document is loaded, there is a 45 second delay while that populates with items. Then comes the silent delay. That goes through some 4-5 minutes or so of who knows? I can try to "do" something like show the text flow. That shows up about 2 minutes later, then I click a text box and nothing - it doesn't get selected. Waiting another 3-4 minutes, finally that text box gets highlighted. Similar delays happen when trying to select other objects to edit.

All the while, I'm watching the "Force Quit" list and the Activity Monitor list and AFPUB goes into and out of  "Not Responding" status about 2 times during the l-o-n-g wait and also showing %CPU upwards of 450 and back down to nominal 20-60%. It's AFPUB 1.7.1, OS X 10.13.6.  computer memory 48GB, AFPUB using 23.74GB or so, plenty of local disk space 570GB available out of 1TB.

This problem is repeatable, just have to close the document and open it again to see the delays.

Eventually, some 5 or so minutes later - AFPUB finally gives me control. But the "not responding" status is worrisome and may indicate something that's not quite right.

Let me know if I should upload the file - I think you may find some interesting "stuff" going on in the background. Thanks!

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I am attaching a CPU History screenshot from the Mac Activity Monitor. Affinity Publisher is the only application running, except the Activity Monitor. The graph of the 12 cores shows affinity loading up the document. That is just the first spike in the screenshot. Then all became quiet for a short time. I just sat at the computer screen looking and did not click anything in Publisher or anywhere else. As I watched, you can see that, roughly, every minute or so, publisher goes through a very large CPU usage - a spike up to about 400-600 % and then gets quiet again. This goes on for some 8 minutes total time. At that point, Publisher actually becomes quiet and stops causing the CPU spikes.

It is during that time of about 8 minutes, that anything you try to do in Publisher will be delayed or misinterpreted (as though "where" you click might be somehow offset to another object) or just causing the spinning "busy" wheel to appear. The "quiet" times in the CPU usage are actually times Publisher does not respond properly. I've learned from that to just go make coffee and come back after that long time frame. Then all seems well after that.

I noted that 'Spindump' became active at the end of the Pulbisher activity and if you know where that dump was stored (or how to find its location) I could include that too. Spindump was automatically activated at just about the 8-10 minute mark just as Publisher quieted down. And, if there are other reporting aids of which you might make use, just let me know.

Console/Mac Analytics Data/2019-07-12 07:05:37.264717 -

com.apple.message.domain: com.apple.crashreporter.writereport.cpu_resource.diag
com.apple.message.signature: Affinity Publisher
com.apple.message.signature2: UNBUNDLED ||| 1.7.1 (1.7.1) ((null))
com.apple.message.signature3: cpu usage
com.apple.message.result: noop
com.apple.message.summarize: YES

See screenshot for CPU history graph for the 12 cores. Keep in mind that the first spike in the graph is just the loading of the document. For all of the other spikes, nothing apparent is happening - but Publisher keeps spiking for about 10 minutes, then becomes quiescent.


Screen Shot 2019-07-12 at 7.08.19 AM.png

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