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designer and photo in one version?

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Can you imagine what would be if you joined illustrator and Photoshop or Inkscape and GIMP in one program? Those are professional programs that offer a multitude of tools and options to cover almost all use cases. Joining them would make the software extremely more complex, more prone to bugs, harder to develop and maintain and eventually more slower than they are actually, not to mention much harder to learn.


Affinity uses the same file format for all of its apps, letting you open any file in any program. Personally I believe this is the best compromise you can get without bloating the software with all possible functions that you probably may only need a fraction of the time. Keeping the apps focused will also help to expand their scope/functionality for the purpose they were designed for.

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Actually there is a professional program that is a combination of vector drawing, bitmap and typesetting--all in one program. There is no switching when you go to different tools to complete whatever project you a working on. It also includes a strong technical drawing mode. Like Affinity Designer it can do both bitmap and vector drawing without switching to any other program. It is called Canvas. In Canvas when you want to add a bitmap you go to what they call the Sprite Tool. It was originally Deneba Canvas and now is owned by ACD. Currently it is only a Windows program but I think they are now in beta testing for a Mac Version. It sells for around $600.


I hope the Affinity programmers take a look at Canvas and see what has been done for the last 15 or 20 years--I think it might make Affinity products even better. Affinity rocks and I will buy every product they put out.


I wonder...am I the only guy on the forum that uses Canvas as well as Affinity?

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Canvas development stagnated during the last years. Only now ACD Systems seems to be taken it more seriously. It does work with images and vectors and it's specially geared for technical drawing but i don't consider it comparable to photoshop for image editing nor Illustrator regarding vector tools... It's more closer to a cad program than to an illustration one. There's other programs closer to this vision in Windows too, but again they are always more restricted than dedicated software.

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Illustrator can one-click changed into photoshop, but yes its different programm. I only say its just a idea...nothing is impossible. And it is right if we have one for all, most things we will dont need...but this is the coustomizing-part comes in ;)


Of course, the different specifications of AFFdesigner and AFFphoto is one point, but i dont know the programs in deep, i think there are most tools in booth version working similar on the same basic ...like crop, select, layering, colouring, colourpalette, gradient technics, brushes, FX, u can put on photos and images and maybe vectors. Look the Selecting Tool in rectangle or circle or magic, if we have more option to tweak this mask and fill the mask so we can use it in booth versions for

- cut out and layer

- fill with, pics, gradient, solid, vectors

- editing the edge with blur, 1 pix more or less, different forms, any forms

and alle these is doubled in booth version, with other funktions....


And when users have access to customize the toolbar, so we have a idea of customizing, photo and designer software. Custimozing packs can be more designer or more photo or a good mix of booth or the biggest version with all...its just fantasy :rolleyes:



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