Anything built for Hunspell should work, which means anything built for OpenOffice or LibreOffice, too. The LibreOffice collection on GitHub is often a good starting point, and you can find their Dutch set here: You need the .aff file and the two .dic files. Edit: Downloading the files is tricky. If you're not careful you end up downloading an HTML page instead, which won't work. This approach should work: Click on the file you want (say, hyph_nl_NL.dic). That will display the file contents, or tell you it's too large. If it displays the contents, right-click on the Raw button, and choose Save File. If it tells you it's too large, right-click on the Download button, and choose Save File.   After downloading them, open Publisher's Preferences/Tools, and near the bottom of the panel on the Additional Dictionaries setting, click Open: FIle Explorer will open. Create a new directory nl_NL, and place the 3 files downloaded from GitHub in it. Then all you should need to do is restart Publisher, and you will be able to set Dutch as a spelling and hyphenation language using the Character panel or when defining Text Styles.