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Trev B

How to capture Zoomed picture? (if possible)

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Hi, in Affinity is there a way to magnify a picture with the zoom and then capture that zoomed item for print out? Any help on this will be greatly appreciated. I am a Newby as you can probably tell.

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Are you on Mac or Windows?

You could make a selection, Copy and select New from Clipboard and print the new document. Zooming in won't make much difference.

You could zoom in on the image if the resolution will take it and use a screen grab app like Snip that is installed with windows, or for Mac: Command + Shift + 3 or Command + Shift + 4

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Zoom in to what you want to print
Make a selection of the area
Layer > Duplicate Selection (CTRL+J)

In File > Print 

Change the Range to Selection and Fit Type dependent on if you want to fill the whole printed page or not



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