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hello, i have a problem on designer icant use the mouse or wacom i have to turn one off which i've never have to do it before im on win10 and my affinity is version 1.7.1 i need help

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HiĀ almeida_tercero,

How do you mean you can't use the mouse/wacom? What sort of behaviour are you seeing? Do you occasionally start getting straight lines appear when drawing, or unable to drag objects etc? If so could you try disabling 'Use Windows Ink' inside the 'Wacom Tablet Preferences' app under the 'Mapping' tab.

If that doesn't resolve the issue could you give us a bit more of a description on the behaviour you are seeing, along with some information on what drivers and wacom device you are using. If you could also record a video demonstrating it that would be great.

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