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Features that I still miss and are not working properly

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Hello Affinity Team,

would it be possible to integrate the following functions?
These are very helpful for me and important in the design.

1. footnotes and endnotes

2. Seperation preview (to control the colourfulness)

3. Generator for QR (in PagePlus possible) and bar codes

4. Convert selected texts to table and back

5. Open and export Indesign files

6. Placing graphics and images with special colors (also called true colors) These are currently being converted easily, which does not happen. Have a lot of images and graphics from other programs, which I want to use, but that does not work yet, especially companies logos)

7. Opening PDF files with spot colors is also important. That does not work either. The colors are also changed, which must happen under no circumstances)

8. Gathering data for sharing would also be very helpful, as I would like to share more of the original data, at the request of the clients I recommended your software to. This was possible in PagePlus and also possible in other laypout programs.

9. A tool for creating charts would not be bad. That was available in PagePlus.

10. Placing Excel files would also be helpful as it often gets files from customers and needs to get them into the products.

11. The personalization feature as described in PagePlus (Mail Merge and Photo Assembly)

12. The creation of workspaces (in PagePlus and programs of competitors possible)

13. The function Replace color would be good. If you have to replace the color in the whole product, because the customer has a different color concept.

14. When deleting used colors, a warning should come and the choices will be "do not delete" or "replace with".

15. Convert existing colors to spot color and convert spot colors into working space would be fine without having to create a new color.

16. When exporting, there is the problem that contours and lines that have a gradient as a fill are converted into graphic objects. This must be fixed, they should remain contour or line. In the programs of the competition it works.

17. Possibility to put objects on "Overprint", "Aussparen" or "nicht print" would be very helpful. This is important because there are situations where certain objects must necessarily be printed on each other by overlays. Do not print the command is important when using objects as positioning aids, but not outputting them. In other layout programs there is this possibility.

18. Opening and exporting Indesign and Quark files

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Impressive, but not a realistic list of demands...

First of all, Serif Inc. will probably avoid Affinity Publisher to bevome bloated with every function that exists out there...

Is’nt that why Serif started this Affinity journey, to just have an fast and elegant app that can do a lot, but not everything, and, importanly; not an Indesign clone...?

Yeah, we will certainly se some more core function to Publisher the coming year, but, I think that a lot of users out there can do magic with this first version of Affinity Publisher at the moment...

So, your list may not be implemented in short time...

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Point 5 is covered by point 18. (IDML import is coming, but I don’t know about IDML export. INDD and QXP import/export seem highly unlikely.)

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#1 is coming but we don't know when yet.

#3 is semi-specialized and easy enough to do in an external program and import, so while I wouldn't be surprised to make its way into Publisher one day, I suspect it is fairly low on the priority list.

#13 and #15 are partially handled via the use of global colors, depending on exactly what situation you are in, assuming you set your document up to leverage those from the start.

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