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Hello, just to add to this discussion I've encountered another related oddity with pdf export file sizes:

I noticed that simple pdf documents with just text and no images were consistently 400k+ while I'd expect them to be <32k. So I made a simple test starting with a blank new document and adding a single text box with a short text in in the middle and exported this with the "print" pdf preset. From Indesign this file ended up 9k and from Affinity Publisher (1.7.3) it's 424k as you can see. Trying the "web" pdf preset in Affinity Publisher gives me a 40k file. No images, and in both cases embedded subsets of fonts.

Once thing I notices was that if I unchecked embed color profile in the export settings the file size goes down dramatically, down to more or less 12k. Is it reasonable to expect 400k+ color profile data in a pdf like this? And if that's ever useful it doesn't feel like this should be the default settings for exporting for print in a simple document like this.



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pdf profiles can be larger than 400k. By default, ID doesn't embed the profile, it, like Affinity applications can as you have seen, only reference it as a document-level intent.

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