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Mac: initial window for new document VERY small

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Every time I create a new document, the size of the window is very small and not using the available screen-space.


Why is that and how can I permanently change this to a "reasonable" size?

  • MacOS 10.14.5
  • I'm working in separated mode 
  • I have two displays attached (both are way bigger, 27" and 21,5")
  • if I resize the window and save this document, this particular document opens again in the right size. But not every other "new" document.  Edit: No, it doesnt...


  • Production-System: iMac (21,5-inch, Late 2013), 16GB RAM, 2TB nvme-SSD, running on 10.14.5 Mojave;
  • Display Setup: 27" Thunderbolt Display primary + 21,5" iMac-Display secondary for palettes;
  • Keyboard-Layout: German apple extended keyboard (aluminum);


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