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Unable to open or save network drive files

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Whenever I try to open a file that is resident on one of the network drives I get this message even though the file is not open anywhere else:



and when I try to save a file I get:


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Hi ErrolvB,

Thanks for getting in contact with us and I also apologise for the delay in responding.

The Errno 13 means that permission is being denied on the network drive. I presume you're able to navigate and save there without problems in Finder and other applications?

Are you able to give us some more information on your network and share setup please?

  1. What kind of hardware is the shared drive, is it a NAS drive or something else?
  2. What is the share type? Is it SMB, AFP, NFS or something else? 
  3. What is your OS and version
  4. If possible have you tried rebooting the device or server (if possible) the shared drive is stored on, as it looks like the server has retained a lock and it is stuck.
  5. Can you save to a new path locally or on the same share? Does this happen when trying to save a new file?
  6. Any more information of both your and your network setup that could be helpful?

Thanks again your patience.

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1. Yes NAS Drives (Netgear) that are accessible through finder etc.

2. SMB

3. macOS Mojave 10.14.6

4. Yes tried complete shut down and start again

5. Yes I can save to new path on the Mac but not on 

6. I can 'see' the files and folders on the network drives in the open/save/save as/ export commands

7. A zero byte file is created then this message comes up. If I export to my Mac a file is created with no problem.


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additional info

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Have you checked for a firmware update for the Netgear NAS? That is not normal behavior over a network and I wonder if there is an issue with the NAS.

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I have a similar experience with a Netgear ReadyNas 102 device using CIFS/Samba shares.

I cannot open Affinity documents, or  drag and drop a JPG / BMP /TIFF files from this NAS. But! I can open PSD files...

No problem when using AFP shares, or on a Windows 7 share.

Affinity Designer, Photo or Publisher : same behaviour.


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