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Hey there,

I've already in a couple of forum threads about the file size behaviour of Affinity Photo. Unfortunately things still don't quite add up for me.

I've got a 10MB NEF RAW file. I've reduced to RGB/8, history is turned off and I also used "Save As" trying to trigger the file streamlining.
Still the Affinity Photo file is 112MB.
What am I missing?


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Hi tcurdt and Welcome to the Forums,

All i can really do is link you do this post which has comments from the Dev team who wrote the Affinity file format and explain how it works.

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Thanks, @stokerg

Unfortunately all the infos I found and read suggested that a "Save As" should shrink the file to a reasonable size. And that's just not the case for me. Any further suggestions?

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I was going to ask if you'd done anything special to the file after Developing the image, but first I decided to try it myself.

My 19MB NEF file becomes a 136MB RGB-16 .afphoto file when Saved.

I then converted it to RGB-8 (Document > Convert...) and did a Save As, and the saved file increased to 144MB.

I then opened the Snapshots panel, and deleted the background Snapshot, and did another Save As. The file size did not decrease; the byte count remained identical.

I then exported as a TIFF, without compression, and got a 46MB TIFF file.

Loading that TIFF file into Photo, and doing a Save As gave my a 56MB .afphoto file (including the background snapshot).

I then decided to delete the background snapshot, and I did another Save As. Deleting the snapshot did not reduce the file size of the newly saved file. The byte count remained identical.

(All "Save As" operations were done using new filenames.)

All files are available for upload to Serif for analysis, @stokerg, if you'd like them.

-- Walt

Windows 10 Home, version 1903 (18362.239), 16GB memory, Intel Core i7-6700K @ 4.00Gz, GeForce GTX 970
Affinity Photo and Beta   / Affinity Designer and Beta  / Affinity Publisher and Beta

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