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[AD Windows] Problem with creating styles

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I've never had problems creating styles before but when I tried to do it with version, AD gets stuck and sometimes blocks the whole computer.
I have two versions of ADs on the same computer, one purchased directly from SERIF and the second one from the Microsoft Store. The problem only exists with the version purchased directly from SERIF, the Microsoft Store version works normally.
I reset the studio to zero, uninstalled and reinstalled AD, I tried to repair it and last I downloaded again and reinstalled but the problem is still there.
I can send you the discharge file if you provide me a link, thank you.

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Hi G13RL,

Welcome to the forums :)

Please could you try opening the app with the CTRL key held down and when the reset menu appears click Select All then Clear to see if this solves your issue?



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Posted (edited)

Hello Callum, thank you for your answer.

After launching AD following your instructions I can create styles again but everything is pixelated: for example if I draw a vector pattern that I export as png and then import this png to create a style, everything is pixelated, the png and the style. I didn't have this problem before and I can't find where the problem comes from. 


It seems that the problem has solved itself? I just did several tests, still with the same settings I used before my problem, and the pixelization has disappeared (except in case of excessive zoom, which is normal), the results are now as expected. Another computer mystery!
All I have to do is reinstall my brushes, styles and assets backups.
Thank you again Callum for your answer.



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