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2 actions in the same time?

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once u finish with the transparency tool and add an fx to the layer, while adding the fx the transparency tool is always on !!! and can be closed??? in the same time i have the box of effects open...?? don't we usually add actions...


anyway, there is a Huge lack of Fonts Languages... the ARABIC is main at least in Beirut... for a Lebanese.


I hope I finally will be able to leave Adobe's cursed and HEAVY DUTY on the macbook memory...and be able to find EVERYTHING .... I mean E-V-E-R-Y-THING here. It seems it's good start... Layers, mask, import, languages, Arabic...has it's own difficulties in writing... if u can add them also to Affinity Photo...later stage also and publisher for sure would be gr8...good luck with improvements.

I wish u the best. 


NB: overtime you have to put an update on the market... revise it from A to Z... Adobe Guys, don't have time to do so.. I think... do u have any Adobe Acrobat Pro in the future?? ;)

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Hi soundofnature,


Welcome to the forums.


Yes you can apply an effect with the tool enabled or just switch to the Move tool, whichever is easiest for you  :) . Take a look at our roadmap for Designer, these are some of the features that will be added overtime.




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