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Will affinity photo windows batch process take advantage of Ryzen 3000 multi core and L3 cache aka Gamecache ?

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I m about to build a workstation. My main use will  be photo batch processing. Will affinity Photo take advantage of Ryzen 3000 multi core and L3 cache aka Gamecache ?
Right now I use a i7 6700K with 4 cores 8 threads, SATA SSD, 32 RAM @ 3200c16.
hen I batch process photos I see affinity photo opening 8 photos at the same time, starting to apply 8 process... then it slow downs a bit but still try to open 8 photos at a time....

1. I m assuming 1 thread = 1 photo ?

Ryzen 3000 goes like this :
3600 / 3600x = 6 cores 12 threads with 34 Mb of L3 cache
3700x / 3800x = 8 cores 16 threads with 35 Mb of L3 cache
3900x = 12 cores 24 threads with 70Mb of L3 cache
3950x = 16 cores 32 threads. with 70Mb of L3 cache (not sure about this one)

I will go with an NVME SSD, 32 RAM with low latency... but unsure about the CPU :

2. So should I assume I will get this results  ?
3600 / 3600x = 12 photos processing at the same time
3700x / 3800x = 16 photos processing at the same time
3900x = 24 photos processing at the same time

3950x = 32 photos processing at the same time

-I would like a confirmation that parallel batch processing scale with the cores.

3. Will more L3 cache with the 3900x or 3950x speed up the process ?

4. I would LOVE to have benchmark on this. Is Serif going to get some Ryzen 3000 when it's out the 7/7/2019 ?

5. As for GPU I will go with the Nvidia Super serie. I have no idea if affinity on windows work faster with nvidia or AMD ? Since the OsX version is working on intel and AMD.... so far it's responsive with my GTX... So I guess it will be no problem ?


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AFAIK, AFP should make use of all available cores/threads on the CPU but we've not got one of these new Ryzen chips in the building. I will ask the developers to see if they have plans to get one for testing and if we make use of L3 cache on the chip. When I know more, I will reply to this thread.


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on a Ryzen 2700 it batches 16 images at the same time.

Affinity temporarily writes the files in your installation folder, for me it would be here;

Affinity Photo imo needs a setting added for changing that temp/scratchfolder otherwise the additional NVMe would need to be set as your main drive or you need to meddle in changing the path somehow.

If your temp file writing doesn`t exceed for example 256MB/s you could probably even use a traditional spinning hard drive without having to deal with speed penalties.
An NVMe/M.2 drive can of course make a lot of sense, they shine when you have to deal with multiple files and writing processes.

I guess for the listed top tier CPUs with more than 16 cores, you should at least use an SSD.


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Samsung SSD 860 EVO 500GB | Crucial MX500 1TB | WD Black PCIe SSD 256GB (configured as Scratch disk) |


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I have a classic SSD 500Mb/s
Your 2700 is batching 16 images at the same time ? It's 8 core/16 threads ? Pretty cool :) 

Never thought about the scratch disk. Do we have feature request ?

I'll go for an NVME for OS/Apps Just to boost affinity batching processes. But yes being able to just select a scratch disk will be easier (and cheaper).

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12 hours ago, Anstellos said:

just to let you know I tried the 3700X I get 16 threads : 16 photos at the same time. Impressive ! cannot wait for 128 threads machines :)

I'm sorry we couldn't confirm this from our end but thanks for testing this and letting us know your findings!

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