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Node transform after 1.7.1 update

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I have tried to search the forum and the rest of the internet for an answer but the closest I could find was a thread on the desktop version. Can you help me figure this thing out?

I want to rotate selected nodes around an anchor point - freely selected or one of the basic 9 corners. To clarify, if we look at the photo I attached I want to rotate the arm to be more upright but the rotate (and shear/skew) function is greyed out.

At least the latter (using basic corner points) used to be possible in the previous version but apparently after the update certain functions have been relocated. The point transform tool lets me rotate around a selected node but it rotates the whole shape where I only want to move specific nodes. How do you do this nowadays or it’s even possible in this update? 


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Posted (edited)

Thanks for the answer and for the welcoming wishes! :D I can’t believe the answer was so simple. I was using the right tools but I the order was wrong. I was able to recreate both the successful and unsuccessful results and noted that the transform mode needs to be selected first or otherwise it doesn’t work. If you choose the desired nodes first and only after that click the transform mode on, it doesn’t seem to form the bounding box (or just recognize it) anymore, so the additional two transforming functions won’t unlock retroactively.

But hey! At least it works and I learned a new trick along the way! Discovering the transform origin function made adjusting my character’s poses even more handy! B|

Thanks again for the help - this forum is such a sanity saver!

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