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Colour Panel "Add Chords..." – CMYK not working

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In an .afpub with CMYK color space I use "Add chord to Swatch..." to create variations of a defined CMYK color.
I can't get any useful swatch this way. For use in a CMYK workflow the result is somehow messy.

The resulting swatches are ...

1. each of them in RGB – regardless of "Lock colorspace" was on/off before starting the task.
2. A few aren't in RGB, but a mixture of HSL and CMYK – (for instance: "Triadic").
3. Each of them results with different values in Swatches panel versus Colour Panel.
4. Some swatches start with its initial color which was set in color panel before use "add chord", some start with another color which was not set.


A.) Tints of 100 K –> all RGB:

B.) Tints of 0c 100m 60y 0k –> all RGB.
See also the different values of the selected swatch in Swatches Panel towards Colour Panel:


C.) Tints of 100c 50m 0y 0k –> all RGB
Notice the massive change in the initial start color: Minus 26% cyan!


D.) "Triade" of 100c 50m 0y 0k –> 1x CMYK, 2x HSL
Note: this was the only result where the initial start color = resulting swatch.



macOS 10.12.6,  Macbook Pro 15" + Eizo 24"

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Hi @thomaso, I had a look at this but it seems to be a Mac only problem. On my Win 10 the resulting colour swatches are always CMYK, and the original colour is included correctly. Maybe this info helps the programmers to track the issue down.

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