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Crashing occurs when scrolling the document. (split)

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Thinkpad P1: Working on a heavy image document.  I have prepared all images to 100% at 300 dpi, so no extra load on GPU resizing images. 

Crashing occurs when scrolling the document. Just when a full screen layout is loading full screen, it crashes. This has happened every session. 

Xeon 2156m 32gig both WIN 10 1809 and 1903. 

System is fully updated. 


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Hi Gabe,

Thanks for getting back to me.

I found the time to install Affinity Publisher on an older PC and it does not crash in Windows 7 x64, a very fast i7 with 16 gig. It freezes a lot as I scroll, but is completely stable in comparison. 

The document is 240 pages and in its present form contains 370 photos with more added every day.  My new laptop, Xeon processor with Quadro graphics and 32 gig is much more pleasant to work with this load, despite the crashes. 

I guess I will wait for the next AP update. 

If I change the name of the image source directory, Affinity Publisher saves a low resolution placement image in the document. I can confirm that Affinity Publisher does not crash in this state as well.

So the problem is located in the hardware / OS  config.


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I can now confirm this incessant crashing arises from the DISPLAY settings in the BIOS. 

On Lenovo Thinkpad laptops with a Quadro graphic card (p2000) there is a DISPLAY setting to change between DISCRETE AND HYBRID.

The correct setting for Affinity Publisher is Hybrid, as this relies on the Intel graphics processor, not than the NVIDIA Quadro GPU. 

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Hello again, 

This problem has returned as I continue to add more images.

There is really no difference between the two graphic modes as described above.

I feel this instability is caused by the Quadro GPU. 

One thing: Publisher recovers well. I rarely lose work.




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We did have somebody fixing this issue by completely uninstalling the graphics card drivers, reboot,  and reinstalling the latest ones from the GPU manufacturer's website, followed by another reboot

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