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Based on that article, it sounds like this works on frequencies that are in the "midrange" so guessing it might be possible to mimic the effect by performing two frequency separations: the first one to separate the high frequency from the lows and mids, then the second on the low-frequency part of that to separate the lows from the mids.  Then when you have the mids isolated, you could act on those with various filters (blur, contrast, etc.) to try to achieve the desired effect?

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Hi fde101

Yes it's certainly possible to work with all other tools and mimic the effect. It's more about giving the customer a ready-to-go, no-fuss, KISS approach to obtain the same results Lightroom offers. 

That's why it would still  be beneficial to have the same filter/effect slider in AP to enable customers to achieve these results in a timely manner.

Regards! :)

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