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Extend Affinity Designer with Lazy Nezumi

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Maybe some of you know Lazy Nezumi already.
Lazy Nezumi Pro = LN is a Tool that allows you to paint with
Rulers in Graphicsprograms that don't have this Rulers.
Originally, I believe, it was used as an Tool for Photoshop.
But you can use it with many other Graphicsprograms.
LN only run under Windows, unfortunately there is no Mac version.

Normally People are using LN in Bitmap/Paintprograms
like Affinity Photo, to name one.
But !!!  You can use it in Vectorgraphicsprograms e.g
Affinity Designer too. This may open possibilities you
may not have thought of bevor and LN works great
with Vectorprograms.

As you may know Affinity Designer has some Rulers or you
also can copy and move your lines like one. But i think with LN
you can often paint your Lines more directly without the need
to refit, rotate or move them later.
So, try it for your self ;-)

LN has the following rulers, to name a few:
Quadratic Bezier
Cubic Bezier
Perspective Ellipse
Radial Lines
Parallel Lines
Connected Lines
Vanishing Lines
Linear Perspective
Isometric Perspective
Fisheye Perspective

Some of these rulers can also be combined
with the L-Function of LN, this results in some
unusual possibilities.

Here is a Link to the LN Webseite
that will show the Rulers in a Video.

There is also a 15 Day Trial Version.

To use LN you need the following Steps:
- Start LN.
- Start your Graphicsprogram e.g Affinity Designer.
- In LN go to Menu and select File > Hook Window
- Now select the Affinity Designer Screen and put your
  Cursor over the Affinity Designer Screen, after a few
   Seconds LN will capture/hook the Affinity Designer Screen
   so all the Rulers of LN will now work with Affinity Designer.
- Push the Startbutton in LN and you are ready to go.
   By press the Startbutton again you can also switch off LN
   for a while if you like to draw with no rulers.

I find LN from case to case quite practical at times
and it can be used in many differend Graphicsprograms.

I hope you find this Tip useful for you paintings.
Wish you a nice day.


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