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[AD] 'Lock colorspace' is not what this button does

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The lock-button in the color panel says 'Lock colorSPACE'. But that's not at all what it does. It's only locking the selected view-layout of the color-panel.

I call this a bug, because this text is not at all right and looks like a typo or some quickly set text that's never really got checked before a release. Lock has nothing to do with color-spaces, not even with the color-model the document is in. Calling it Colorspace is not only wrong, but very confusing here and leads to mis-understanding and even fear about what this lock does. Color models and color spaces are already confusing and complicated enough, so please change this tooltip to something not connected to that and easier to understand.

I would also advise to avoid terms like 'color mode' (like seen in the help-file), because than it still feels like there's some connection with color models and color spaces.

Why not something more descriptive and understandable for designers, like 'Lock color panel view', 'Lock color panel mode' or something like that, in my opinion that's way better to understand for users and prevents confusing with (and fear for) color models, spaces and profiles. or misconceptions. Than we understand directly what it does without having to fear it's technically affecting our color space or model of the document. 

I think than more people might start using the lock button too, because then there's no fear of technically changing some color thing in the back causing unexpected color problems.


(This also counts for Photo and Publisher)



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On 7/16/2019 at 3:44 PM, Sean P said:

Hi Friksel,

It's not a bug, just some wording that needs improving. I'll pass this on to development as an improvement.


when you see a fish, and somebody calls that a cow, I bet you than say he's not mistaken at all, only the sounds coming from his mouth need some adjustment in frequencies.

'Wording that needs some improving'?  hahaha

So you get that speeding ticket from a policeman and you turn down your window and say: I wasn't driving too fast, just my cars speed and the maximum allowed speed alignment could be improved.

You politician ;)


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