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Epub for editorial

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Hi, I’m Israel from Hola monstruo editorial. We work with físical format and digital for our books. We need export to ePub in Affinity Publisher is essential google books and Apple Books for our editorial. Soon please.

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Hi Israel,

On this moment, it is not possible directly to create epub digital books with Publisher. Maybe in the future, it will be possible but not now. I do not know if it is possible for you but when you can create your original files in .docx format and import them in Publisher, you can from the same source create an ebook.

Use Heading 1, heading2, heading 3 and in your ebook creation software import them with "Heading 1" as page or section separator. Where you want another page, you can also choose for a specific character combination like "######". In your ebook program you set then "######" as your page separator. I am using Jutoh as my ebook creation software and Atlantis Wordprocessor / WPS office as wordprocessor/ Office replacement.

To be honest, I do not see how a desktop publishing program as Publisher/InDesign can deliver good epub or other format digital ebooks. Publisher is created mostly for printed documents with a fixed layout. Applications like Jutoh are designed for reflowable ebooks. I think it is best to use the right tools for the job.

The legacy PagePlus could create also epubs, but I never used that option because there is much better and more precise control over your ebook in applications like Jutoh. If you ask me to create a physical book, I will use Publisher because it does a much better job as Jutoh or any other ebook creation application.

But I admit, if it would be possible, it will be nice to do it all in Publisher. However, don't count on it.




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1 hour ago, Bad_Wolf said:

I think it is best to use the right tools for the job.

I think you know it is best...

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