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i just bought Designer as a potential replacement for my beloved Macromedia Fireworks (which was the best Vector/Pixel hybrid tool out there – shame on Adobe for killing it).

The first thing i am missing in Designer (possibly just can't find it) ist, a Sharpen-Filter for imported pixel art.

In Fireworks i could add a Sharpen od Unsharpen Mask Effect via the "Filter" Palette which was non-destructive and could easily be removed again from the image.

I was hoping to find Sharpen in the Layer-Effects of designer, but it wasn't there. It's also not under Layer-Adjustments. Is a sharpen filter simply missing and if so, is that a planned feature?

Note, i did see the "sharpen" Brush, but that is not what i am looking for as i want to apply the filter to the whole image in  a non-destructive manner.

Thanks for any pointers!


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Sharpening is supposed to happen in Photo app. Sure, if you could do USM within Designer you would not need any other apps for small printed matter production.

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Thanks Fixx for your quick answer! This is exactly what i am trying to avoid. Fireworks was an awesome one stop app for a web designer like me and i am not looking to replace it with an arsenal of other tools. Also, if "sharpening" is supposed to happen in another app, why isn't "gaussian blur" which is available in Designer right there in Layer-Effects…?

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Hi, s uɐɟəʇs,

I'm certainly not privy to Serif's decisions. But what I infer from using both is that Designer and Photo are at core made for very different tasks. Photo is aimed at RAW development, and subsequent bitmap adjustment and compositing. Designer is for vector illustration w. an emphasis on layout and isometric drawing. In the case of Designer, the fx are there to round out the text and shape vectors as common practice have used them for years. 

For myself, the cost of both is small enough that buying both is not problematic,   The fact that I can switch back and forth between the apps w/o converting the file type is a plus.

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