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Resource Manager - Hang & complete computer freeze when updating an ADes file

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Had a linked ADesigner file in a pub. I had previously used the Designer Persona to make a few changes but today discovered that those changes were not made to the original Designer file (also read that in another post here). I thus opened the original Designer file, made the mods by opening the Publisher Edit window/tab for the graphic, then copy/pasting the artwork back into Designer. Then Saved as the original Designer file name. 

When I went back into publisher, the Resource Manager showed the linked file had been modifies, so I clicked the Update button. Got nothing but a spinning ball. Could not quit nor get out of Publisher, so ended up having to restart the iMac. After restart, I tried again but it once again stalled out. This time I was able to very quickly use the Dock to Force Quit Publisher before it froze the iMac. 

To resolve the issue, I had to delete the linked graphic from the pub, then Place the file again. Seems to be okay now, but should not do what it did. Also hoping you can get the auto-update to the original file fixed when using the Photo and Designer Personas. Until that's fixed, can't really use the Personas since it isn't updating the linked files.


iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2017) • Radeon Pro 580 8192 MB • macOS High Sierra

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Hi thanks for the report and apologies - these are 2 issues we are  working on

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Have the same problem on a Publisher file, 90 pages on a Mac and Resource Manager. App freezes and have to force quit. Not using personas.Located Designer file and deleted graphic from file. Was able to continue for a few hours adding pages and Designer files, then close file, come back and back to same problem of freezing and having to force quit. Doesn’t matter if 1.7.1 it .422 beta.

Have saved numerous backup files and have the same problem. Have to go back a day or two to have one open. Can't complete book 94 pages and almost done, DOA for now. Opens fine on Windows but don't have same fonts on PC so file is a mess.

Is there a work around?


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