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Is Affinity Designer for MacOS - 1.7.1 considered stable? (split)

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1.7.1 is considered a stable release. We would highly recommend you use it. It does have some issues for some users I have a suggestion that may be the best way for you to know, as the experience of others sometimes does not reflect your experience.

If you bought Affinity Designer for Mac from the Affinity store then yes you can go back using the downloads here, and your product key.

If you bought from the Mac App Store, then NO you cannot go back without using time machine, and the solution below could help.

However if you would like to wait and try Affinity Designer for Mac 1.7.2 beta, which you will be able to download from here when it is released in the next few weeks. The beta installs side-by-side with Affinity Photo 1.6.x so you can keep using that for your work until you have built up confidence using 1.7.2 on test projects. That way you could find out for yourself.

Please note, any files saved in 1.7.x will not load into 1.6.x so work on COPIES until you are certain you want to use 1.7.x permanently.

Patrick Connor
Serif (Europe) Ltd.

Latest releases on each platform 

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