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Does anyone here have a link to or access to a feature comparison chart for Affinity Photo and Adobe Photoshop? 

I'm asking for a friend — really.  :ph34r: :4_joy:

My friend is considering either updating to a more recent version of Photoshop CC or else moving over to Affinity Photo. My talking about  software is great, but I would also like to show him some resources other than my own enthusiasm. :D

Thanks in advance.


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I don't know of any chart like this, but if it exists, it's probably useless. First and foremost, a feature comparison chart only tells you whether or not a particular feature is available. It won't tell you anything about the quality of that feature and the different implementation in both apps. Affinity Photo has many features that Photoshop has, but some of them are not as refined and others are superior, at least from my experience.

Also note that Serif has repeatedly stated that Affinity Photo is not intended as a clone of Adobe Photoshop, and a feature comparison chart cannot reflect anything where both apps just follows a completely different approach.

Last but not least, charts of that kind are usually terribly biased depending on who created them. In fact, you could piece any set of features together in that table, making Affinity Photo either totally outperform Photoshop – or lose big-time against it.

If your friend doesn't trust your enthusiasm about Affinity Photo, let him download, install and use the trial version.

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Thank you, @kaffeeundsalz. Agreed on many of those points.

The comparison chart is intended to assist with a proposal for a small cost-sensitive company department to purchase Affinity Photo rather than invest further into buying more seats for Photoshop. While the relatively low cost of Affinity Photo is a helpful factor in this comparison, I was hoping to also assist with a chart of some sort. I haven't been able to find one; maybe you've outlined the reasons why none seems to exist.

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30 minutes ago, kaffeeundsalz said:

If your friend doesn't trust your enthusiasm about Affinity Photo, let him download, install and use the trial version.


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