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Not a bug per-se, but there's a configuration error in Affinity Designer and Photo's raster brush settings while using "Velocity" to control brush size.
I noticed this with previous versions and thought it might be addressed in 1.7, but unfortunately it's not.

Using velocity to control the brush size is meant to change the brush size depending on the speed at which you draw. 
Think gel-pen - the quicker you draw, the thinner the line is, and the slower you draw, the thicker the line is.
As it stands, in Affinity, it's more of a slow gradual build up in size regardless of the speed at which you draw - sometimes it doesn't really do anything at all to the size. 

Procreate's 'Gel Pen' brush is a great example of this, and so is ArtStudio Pro's brushes with velocity enabled.
Clip Studio Paint also has it, which I used to demo the feature so that you can better understand what I mean. 
I've uploaded a quick screen recording of this to YouTube to better show what I mean (below).
I've boosted the 'velocity' jitter significantly in CSP just to make it obvious, and I've maxed it out in Designer, but it isn't doing much.

The velocity feature is super awesome for getting a digital brush to feel and behave 100% like a real ink pen. 
Would love to see this realised/fixed in a future update. :)


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I get the impression that velocity doesn't work with a Pen / Graphics tablet as input.

With the mouse it seems to work more or less how I'd anticipate.

But with a Huion tablet I see the same strange slow build up that you demonstrate.


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counterintuitively here with my Wacom because fast means thicker darker more ink and slow means very tiny thin almost transparent ink.

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Hi all,

I will log this as an improvement as it's not technically a bug. 

You can have a similar result if you change the controller to Brush Default and modify the brush like this:

Screenshot 2019-07-19 at 14.31.51.png

Make sure you select velocity inverse in the dropdown menu. 



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