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Gradient Map Improvements

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Is there any chance that you could add the opacity for colours, currently it is fixed on noise.

Could you also please add the ability to use application palletes, currently you can only use document or system palletes.

This would really add to the functionality of a very powerful tool.

Many thanks :)

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Thanks for the clip @telemax, however this is the gradient editor, this does toggle between noise & opacity.

I am talking about a different tool, I am referring to the Gradient Map adjustment layer. The noise toggle does not work in this tool. I have attached a screenshot of the tool in it's default state.

The gradient map works in a different way to a normal gradient. It maps the tones of your image to the colours of the gradient, darkest tones on the left lightest on the right. Very useful for colour grading & cross processing etc. There are times when you want to retain the original image tones of a particular tonal range, this is where you need the transparency stop.

I know that you can use blend ranges but it is far easier if done directly on the gradient map.


Screen Shot 2019-06-28 at 07.13.24.png

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The gradient map can also be used as a tool to prepare images for print, professional photographers often use it for this. When you are satisfied that all your other adjustments are giving the best tonality the gradient map can be deleted.

The top screenshot shows the original image, the middle shot shows a 5 point heat map, this now clearly shows that there is banding in the sky and how much noise is in the shadows, it can now be dealt with so that you get a better print. The bottom shot shows an 8 point heat map, this shows how the tones are distributed across the image, sometimes you need a better balance or need to refine your mid tones, particularly if you are outputting a b&w image. 

When using the gradient map like this the transparency stop enables you to concentrate on a particular tonal range without the distraction of other colours, it also allows you to see the rest of the image in context.

Gradient Map Use Cases.jpg

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