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LUT Organizer/gallery

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Hey there!

Lastly when I was retouching a bunch of photos, I have used LUT's as part of my workflow. Found out that certain LUT's work superbly on "Average" blend mode. But that's not a core of the suggestion I've come with during this process.

I have a really big collection of LUT's, currently I use a LUT preview small photos I did on some example and based on that I try to select the one I would like to use in AP. But it's not really comfortable, and here comes the core of my request - to add some kind of gallery or organizer, that let you showcase the end result of LUT applied with a selected blend mode, and it doesn't crash such as preset tab when you have a ton of them there. It can be just a separate window, maybe even something similar to "filter gallery" in Photoshop. Or you can use simply a dropdown that you can scroll with your mouse roll and see the effect applied. Of course the separate window is the preferred option, but just an alternative that works is okay too.

So to summarize, a simple TLDR: The request is for a simple organizer or gallery of LUTs working with ton of them. I don't exactly recall when the preset window started to hang the app for a long time or even crashing it, but it is not working with a large amount of LUTs. 2 options suggested:

1. Another window opening with a gallery with preview when you put a LUT adjustement layer

2. A dropdown scrollable with your mouse roll in the LUT adjustement layer's window


Thanks for your superb software so far, keep it going Serif!

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This would be awesome for sure. 

Photoshop's built-in scrollable browser hangs hardcore when you add your own to LUT's to it.... which makes it totally useless >_<.

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I'd love to see a built-in LUT preview in Photo. Uploading one by one to create presets doesn't work with few hundred LUTs.

At the moment I'm using Bulk LUTs Previewer - a little free program where you just add a photo, add folder with your LUTs, and generate previews for that photo. It supports .cube and .3dl formats.


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