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Importing PSD and JPEG files with paths

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Hi Affinity team, 

I really want to move our studio away from Adobe but need your help with something.

As a product photography studio, clipping paths and the way a program imports and handles them is very important and I'm hoping that it's my knowledge, not AP that's lacking in this department at the moment.

So, please can you tell me how to import JPEG and PSD files with paths? This is standard practice across our industry for working with retouchers, magazines etc. If someone sends a file they want us to work on with a clipping path embedded, we need to be able to work on it. If we go back to them with a weird workaround, we'll quickly lose their business.

I hope I'm missing something.

Thanks for your help

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1 hour ago, JohnWClark said:

Yes, that's precisely what I have been wondering too. Having played around with AP in this regard, still haven't found a solution.

Pretty sure there will be one, however.

Hi John, There is a way...not ideal and not particularly efficient if you are working with large volumes of images. I don't know of any other method at the moment.

Insert your image that has the clipping path, either by dragging or using file>place. With the image selected, click the edit image button in the context toolbar, a new tab opens with your image, go to this tab, you should now see the image with it's clipping mask. The only way that I know to get it back and usable with it's clipping mask is to select the collapsed layer, copy it, then go back to your original document tab and paste, you can now resize & position.

Screen Shot 2019-06-26 at 16.17.04.png

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