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Affinity Designer V Move Tool Bug

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Has anyone noticed that if you have been using the brush tool and then select the move tool the tool will select an object but not move it? It has happened twice. I am using a Huion Pen tablet. I drew an object with the pen and then switched to Move. Using the cursor keys will move the object as normal.

I am using multiple Artboards.

I use Affinity on Windows 10.

I am using one of the new Chalk brushes.

If you close and open the file it will not work.

If you have multiple tabs open it affects all open Affinity Designer files

Relaunching Affinity Designer will fix the problem temporarily.

If the Affinity team have a fix could it be in the next update.


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Hi BlueDonut,

There is a known issue that restoring focus to a designer using a Tablet can cause issues with Tools seemingly appearing to stop working - this is being caused by Windows Ink. Are you able to disable Windows Ink using the Huion Drivers? If not Alt-Tabbing out of and back in Designer should also resolve the problem.

If that doesn't solve the issue for you could you ensure you've updated to 1.7.2 and then try and get a screen recording that demonstrates the issue?

See this thread:


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I have the similar bug.My pen tablet it's a huion Kamvas pro 13 and the pressure sensitive works in clip studio and adobe pack(illustrator, and Photoshop)

I look that the line only takes two coordinates at the begin and d the end position of the pen, in other hand can`t move the canvas with space bar shortcut when I use the pen tablet I'm disabled windows ink

Before test designer persona I test pixel persona and my surprise its that the brush don't paint, and the eraser don't erase, only can select areas with square or round tool, the lasso tool don't works too I'm afraid because I love your application.

It happens when I open the application  first  If i close an re-open the program all works correctly but it's an inconvenient for the work flow. My program version is

I'm searching in the forum but i don't find anything more about it, only this thread. Thanks for all I hope that you can fix it.

I include a video to see the cursor movement and line result.

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