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The sad part here is that it was not fixed for 1.7 release and it felt that 1.7 was rushed for Mac conference (whatever it's called).

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1 hour ago, Patrick Connor said:

@Mark Ingram the macOS Photo beta is said to be used in preference to the release. Your Windows Photo says not suitable for production use. Is that a copy paste thing from 1.7.0 or is there some reason to be cautious in the changelist?

I had that sentence for the 1.7.1 beta releases, as it was due to be so short, and there were minimal fixes, which were all deemed very safe (effectively a hot-fix for the initial 1.7 release). 1.7.2 will be a longer beta process, with changes that have been incorporated which never featured in the 1.7 releases until this point, so I'm reverting to the 'normal' beta text (though there isn't anything specific about these changes to warrant the text change).

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