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Daniel Gibert

Using command+b to quit bold doesn't return to the style original font weight

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Using command+b to get bold in text works pretty well. But using it a second time to quit bold does not revert the text to its original font weight, but to regular.

I´ve discovered this on a document on which i'm using Open Sans Fine as body text (using paragraph style). Undoing bold with command+b results in Open Sans Regular instead of Fine.

The logic should be to revert to what the style demands, as you are not always using regular as default weight and also because this cause extra work when cleaning bolds.

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Open Sans Fine?
Do you mean Light?
Are you using the original fonts (v1.10), or the updated ones (v1.71)?

When you click on the Bold button (or Control+B) that usually selects the Bold font from a style group defined within the font.
In Open Sans this style group is Regular/Italic/Bold/BoldItalic
Which is typical in most fonts.

There is no "Bold" of the of the "Light" font.
It appears APub tried to help and selected the Bold from the style group.
Which is actually the Regular + the Bold button (in a style group).
It appears that APub saw the Bold undone and went back to the Regular.

Not sure what should be the "correct" way to handle this.
As I said, there is no bold of the Light font.

Use character styles and avoid the whole issue. :D

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